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We are a traffic management company based in Auckland and serving Auckland Region.

Our philosophy in traffic management is driven by PROACTIVE way (Profession, Reliability, Organised, Accuracy, Compliance, Trustworthy, Integrity, Value, Efficiency). Our top priority is safe working environment for our staff, your team and members of the public.

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We provide brilliant traffic management solutions for our customers.

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Traffic Management Plan(TMP) design

We have been developing temporary traffic management plans for various construction projects, ranging from truck crossing site access for construction vehicles to building sites to drainage works in road corridor, and vehicle crossing construction.

  • Initial communication to fully understanding your traffic management needs.
  • TMP design to gain Auckland Transport approvals.
  • Applying compliant Temporary Traffic Management to comply with Road Controlling Authority Codes of Practice.
  • Arranging and presenting all required documentation to Auckland Transport rganising and completing a Letter of Notification to residents for a planned Road Closure when required.
Traffic Management execution
  • Carefully planning and preparing the installation of traffic control service.
  • Qualified STMS on site to monitor the activities carried on your site.
  • Well trained traffic controllers onsite.
  • Fully equipped and reliable vehicles.
  • Good quality signage and equipment to maximise the safety assurance.
  • Access to generic Traffic Management Plans onsite.
  • Excellent systems regarding our documentation onsite for hazards and incidents.
Traffic Management Consultation
  • Temporary Traffic Management consultation.
  • Liaison with parties and Auckland Transport.

Proactive Traffic Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic management plan (TMP) is a site-specific plan that covers the design, implementation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management (TTM) measures while work or activity is carried out in the road corridor (road, footpath or berm).

The plan details how road users - including cyclists and pedestrians - will be directed around a work site, accident, or other temporary road disruption, to minimise inconvenience while providing safe conditions for both the road user and those carrying out the activity.

Any TMP must comply with the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM)

You will need to submit a TMP for any activity that varies the normal operating conditions of any part of the road corridor (road, footpath or berm). For example, if the work will prevent:

  • Normal use of a vehicle driving or parking lane.
  • Normal pedestrian access along a footpath.

All Corridor Access Requests (CARs) must be accompanied by a TMP.

A TMP is sometimes required for activities being done on private property if vehicle access is needed for a long period of time, e.g, at a building site.

Your TMP must be approved by AT before you can start any activity.

You will often need Traffic Management when engaging works like the followings:

  • Residential Subdivision
  • Land development
  • Roading and pavement construction
  • Utility service installation and relocation
  • Drainage work
  • Vehicle crossing construction when building house

The importance of Traffic Management Plan

The Traffic Management Plan is part of required documents by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport(RCA for Auckland Region) during the construction process in some projects.

The Traffic Management Plan provide clear instruction for activity operator and other road users in terms of road redirection and temporary traffic control, it reduce the interruption impact on the corridors users and provide a safe work site environment for the team.

Bilingual team (English, Mandarin, Cantonese) ensure clear and effective communication.

Matthew Robinson, the director of the company has substantial experience in managing and operating traffic management industry. With 10 years in Auckland Transport as a Compliance Auditor and been involved in a lot of projects in roading infrastructure both commercial and residential sectors.

Improve efficiency with your construction project based on our sound knowledge of building procedure related requirements and documents.

Safety and Compliance are our first priority.

We are 100% committed to work for your needs.